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Well, here you are. Be prepared to browse through some veritable dinosaurs of shorts, and see some glass cases containing shorts going back to, oooh, the '70s at least. Running SportsAndShorts for the past few years has given me ample opportunity to collect, ogle, feel and shag guyz in footie shorts ... but my thing is for the ones you were forced to wear at school! And yes, I still have my old '80s school shorts - they're in the upper galleries in my Museum!

I'm a bugger for hanging around charidee shops and winter sales trying to get bargainous shorts to add to my collection - 300 pairs and counting as I sit here tapping this in. Funny how the old, tight, stiff shorts end up being sold at knock-down prices or hauled off to charidee shops. And how I love to liberate them and display them in my Museum.

Enjoy thumbing through the upper galleries!

Don't worry, you're not the first! In fuct, Hit Counter people have been here already!

David M.J.O.A. Overkamp, Your Curator

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